Kitchen Organizer Rack with Water Storing Tray (Black)

Colour Black
Material Lenovo Rack
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 9 x 21 Centimeters



Product Description

About this item

  • Material: Made of durable heavy-duty plastic, environmentally safe and healthy. Size :-(L) 51 cm , (W) 33 cm , (H) 27 cm
  • This product can not only be used as a storage shelf to place the dishes that are not needed but also can be placed just washed dishes, it is ideal for draining and drying dishes efficiently Also use in the office for organizing documents, stationery, magazine, essentials
  • Extremely Durable And Space Saving Portable Easy To Setup Item And Basket Available with Detachable Partitions
  • Easy to Clean & Long Lasting And Water Drains Quickly From Wet Items And Available In Various Color
  • Package Included:1-Cutlery Partitions, 1-Plate Holder Tray, 1-Side Pillars, 1-Bottom Tray, 1-Water Collecting Tray

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